Alpaca Boarding/Agistment

Do you want to purchase an alpaca, but not ready to do the daily chores? Then do what we did and board your animal(s) while you, the owner, are welcome to visit anytime. It took us over a year to get our farm ready and we didn’t want to wait on purchasing our animals. Now, we have a perfect barn and a total of 7 acres of fenced pasture for the animals to graze on. Our rolling hills and dirt mounds give the alpacas lots of entertainment. We will treat your alpaca like it is ours. Taking care of them is easy! We live on the farm and work from home which enables us to be “ever present.” We have a watch dog named “Shadow” who keeps an eye on the property and our pastures are surrounded by 5’ fencing to protect the alpacas from predators. Our vet is within 30 minutes and handles alpacas on a daily basis. Boarding your animal(s) is very simple!

Pricing and terms:

Boarding/Agistment is $100.00 a month, per animal. A Dam with Cria by side is no additional charge. The cria starts the boarding charge at 4 months of age. If you board a pregnant female, birthing of a Cria is $150.00. Included in this price is orchard grass hay, grain, minerals, toe nail and teeth trimming, and routine parasite control. Any additional vet care and/or shearing is billed at cost. There is no reason to wait to start enjoying your investment in these incredible animals. Please give us a call today !

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