The Alpaca Shop

The Alpaca Shop located at The New Richmond Alpaca Farm

By Appt.

Be one of the first to visit “The Alpaca Shop”.  Greg & I have worked extremely hard building the store.  Hand building everything from start to finish including a beautiful deck area that you can sit and enjoy watching the alpacas.
We have also worked to bring you a wide variety of alpaca items.  Of course the famous alpaca socks that are sure to keep even the coldest feet warm.  Teddy bears that the kids and even adults have started collecting. All sorts of yarn from the animals you will admire here at New Richmond Alpaca Farm. Beautiful sweaters, scarves, hats, and gloves for all.  There is also alpaca-oply board game, notecards, and jewerly.

Look forward to seeing everyone,
Lori Wahl

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